Goodbye My Lover

So recently my laptop had a stroke. I got the dreaded blue screen of death after uninstalling some bloatware that came with Adobe PDF viewer, and apparently it didn’t uninstall correctly. I spent about 4 hours trying to do a system restore to a couple days earlier and luckily, after all that hard work, I […]

Not Over You

Disclaimer: These are my inner most thoughts and feelings. I don’t know if I’m even comfortable sharing them. It’s painful keeping all this in and writing it out helps. Please don’t judge me for them. Did I ever stop loving her? I tried to. I thought I was past most of the hurt. I stopped […]



This isn’t the fear like my irrational fear of jellyfish. When I say afraid, I mean the fear tied to my deepest insecurities. I feel like it would be so much easier if I just limited myself so people couldn’t hurt me, but I keep going out and asking for it. Maybe it’s because I […]

What Money Can Buy

So I wanted to know exactly how much it would cost, per year, if you decided to live life the most expensive way possible. I’m talking about selecting the top most result when you filter your prices high to low every single time. This should be fun! Lets start with the very basic necessities: Water, Food, and […]