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Toxic People

Honestly, I hate that term, “Toxic” to describe people in your life but that’s really the best word I can think of to describe certain people in my life. Toxic. In the past couple of months I have unintentionally surrounded myself with a lot of people who have had a huge negative impact on my …

Bullying a Bully

We’ve all heard the news stories of kids committing suicide because of cyber bullying. In the beginning I always thought, ‘how could someone do that to someone else so publicly and not be stopped?’ Since then, I’ve had much more experience seeing cyber bullying first hand, and I saw that it was so much more …

Direct Message

He loved her. He really did. But there were times when he despised the way she would ignore what he was saying, and he sometimes hated the way she wasn’t direct about what she wanted. He wished she could just give him a straight answer and he hoped that she would say, “I love you …