What Money Can Buy

So I wanted to know exactly how much it would cost, per year, if you decided to live life the most expensive way possible. I’m talking about selecting the top most result when you filter your prices high to low every single time. This should be fun!

Lets start with the very basic necessities: Water, Food, and Shelter.

Water: $2,087.80

According to the Mayo Clinic, the Institute of Medicine believes that about 3 liters of water per day is an adequate intake for men. Of course water is free, but why drink something that’s free when you can pay $23 for it. That’s right, I’m talking about Fiji water. On Amazon, a pack of twenty-four 500mL bottles sells for $22.88. That’s 12 liters of water, which at three liters per day would give us a daily cost of $5.72. That times 365 days in a year gives us a yearly cost of $2087.80 for drinking water.

Food: $74,913

The average high income family spends upwards of $300 per week on food according to gallup. Since we are only calculating costs for a single person, $300 per week would be more than enough to buy even the most expensive cuts and other ingredients. I say ingredients because the food would be cooked by a private chef. The median yearly salary of a private chef in the US, according to payscale, is $59,313. With your private chef and the $300/week budget, food costs would total $74,913 per year.

Shelter: $1,621,544

More than just a shelter, 124 Old Mill Rd in Greenwich, CT is a 15 bed, 17 bath, 15,862 sqft behemoth sitting on a 75.7 acre lot. It costs $25,750,000 or ~ $130,962 per month. This isn’t the most expensive house in the world, but when it comes to homes, location is everything. Less than an hour away from midtown Manhattan, this house is located in the historic New England town of Greenwich, known for its plethora of hedge funds and financial services companies. If you’ve ever wondered where you would find the 1% of the Wall Street 1% that everyone talks about, this is where. However, I will admit, a lot of this comes down to personal preference, and it is my personal opinion that this is the best of the best; others may disagree. Adding a $50,000/year for utilities, services, and insurance we come to $1,621,544/year.

With just the basics, we are already at $1,698,544.80 per year. Lets add to that!

Cars: $4,655,025

Each of the following are the highest ranked cars in their respective class ranked by U.S. News & World Report. The 2017 Audi A4 at $42,350 (Small Cars). The 2017 Tesla Model S at $140,000 (Large Cars). The 2017 Porsche Cayenne at $159,600 (SUV’s). Let’s also throw in the 2017 Rolls-Royce EWB at $583,075 and the Bugatti Chiron at $2,700,000. With all these cars combined, our car insurance costs will be ~ $1 million. Most of these cars can not operate without gas so lets also give ourselves a comfortable $30,000 a year gas budget. That’s enough to go 120,000 miles in one year even at an appalling 12 mpg fuel economy. All that combined brings our total to $4,655,025.

Private Jet: $436,600,000

According to CNBC, it costs upwards of $4 million per year to run a private jet. The private jet we’re looking at is the Airbus A380-800 which costs $432.6 million. If we add this jet to our list, it will make up over 98.5% of our total cost so far. The A380 and its operating costs combined put the total at $436.6 million.

The next object on this list is the most expensive object ever created by humans.

Space Station: $150 billion +

If we wanted to buy the most expensive thing ever created, it would be the International Space Station. Although it wouldn’t be a great purchase. NASA currently pays up to $5 billion per year to operate the ISS so we would have to assume all of those costs, and the space station will eventually fall down onto Earth and burn up in the atmosphere if we don’t add regular corrections to it’s orbit. It’s a lot of work just for the satisfaction of saying you own a space station, but since we have unlimited money, why not?