Life Has No Meaning and Why That’s Alright

Many of us are in that obsessive search to find the meaning to life and why we’re all here. Some say that the meaning of life is to seek divine salvation and receive the grace of God and Christ. Others say the meaning of life is to reproduce, live life to the “fullest”, or to help others. There are many different meanings that all suggest are the meaning to this wonderful gift we call “life”. Sadly, they are all wrong. Let me explain myself, because I know that may seem very arrogant to just assume my meaning is more correct than the many others have conjured up for the biggest question people have had ever since we began living. You’ve got to look at life the way it is, we were given it to us by our parents and them by theirs and we are all different with unique motivations to continue on our days. Saying that one of those reason is applicable to all of us who are all extremely different compared to one another is just absurd. So, I have concluded that there is no singular meaning for why we exist, but instead leave behind a blank for an answer that we must fill ourselves. For ourselves. So, instead of using the word “meaning”, I feel it’s more appropriate that we use the word “reason”. What’s the “reason” you are alive right now and choose to wake up in the morning and live?

We all have a different reason and that reason also changes throughout our lives. People change as they age and so do their reasons for living. When we’re young, our reason is usually to have fun and enjoy ourselves. That isn’t a bad reason in anyway, because our world has so many ways of entertaining and amazing us, especially at a young age. We are learning about this beautiful world and experiencing new things everyday. As we get a bit older we start to be more worried about our career or dating. There are other things in our life that we focus on that prove to be not really that important later on in life. I’m saying this from simply observing other peoples’ lives as I’m only seventeen. Then, we start living and working for another reason. Family. About this time we’ve made a family with a spouse and children whom you will or do love more than anything. This will almost certainly become your “reason”. You will go to the job you hate going to and be content, knowing that you are doing this to help feed, house, and provide a comfortable lifestyle to your offspring. I admire those who live for their children, but also find it kind of sad. Sure, your children are important and I can understand that you would do anything for them, but when that becomes your only reason for getting up in the morning that’s when it becomes a bit depressing. You should find some other way to live for yourself.

My reason is to help others, in whatever way I can. I’ve seen people who were really depressed and on the verge of suicide, I’ve seen those who complain about their job and their live and it brings me down knowing that people feel these way when a simple change of perspective can make their lives much better. I wish to bring emotional support to those who are feeling weak and need the help of someone to bring them back to a stable emotional state. Depression is an illness and I like to be a part of the cure, because I know how bad the symptoms can be. Advice and a pair of ears aren’t the only way I want to help people, although currently that’s all I can offer. In the future I hope to do big things, helping those in need in third world country, offering food and water to people who don’t have access to those things. That’s my main goal in life, but don’t get me wrong. I also would like to live for myself. I don’t solely live for others, because than I wouldn’t have any real purpose. Besides helping others, I’d like to leave behind something, whether it be a novel, a game, this blog, etc. I just want people to remember my name once I’m gone.

Until Next Time…