Blog Update: Anonymous Posts

So, in case any of you guys have noticed I have recently modified the current form for writing blog posts which now includes a check mark to allow your post to not be tied with your username when reviewed and published to the site. However, to prevent any issues with bullying, spam, or anything else of the sort you must still be logged in to post, even when posting anonymously. This means only when the post has already been reviewed and published will it be set to anonymous. Only I will be able to see who originally posted the blog post. This was currently in progress and allowed for non logged in users to be able to post in anonymous and there was a post that I have not published, but if you have returned to the site I apologize and I hope you are feeling better. I just wanted to make this update to let people know that there is now a feature to post anonymously, that I do review posts before they are published so they don’t break any of the rules of the site and to fully disclose how the anonymous posting works. To recap, it will be not be anonymous to super admins when in the reviewing process, so if you do create spam posts, break the rules repeatedly, we will still see which account it is coming from and decide which action to take. When it is published, it will no longer be tied to your account or have any affiliation with it and will be linked to and posted under the account Anonymous. No other users will know the post has been posted by you. I hope this isn’t too much of a hassle for the users, and things might change but for now that is the current system set in place.

Thank you,