Are We All Replaceable?

Having a very morbid thought of life, I often have the view that life here is pointless, because eventually everyone who knew you will forget you. Unless you do something truly amazing, or evil (Hitler or Stalin), you won’t be remembered that long after your death. That’s inevitable. Your life story won’t entirely be told, and those who tell your story might be inaccurate based on who you made that person believe you were. There’s not really anything I can do about that. Life goes on after your death and it will go on after everyone’s death. Although, a dear friend of mine believes that once she’s gone it won’t take long for her to be replaced. I say we are forgotten, because those who have had you in their mind will eventually die as well, but I don’t think people are easily replaceable, especially if you were an amazing person and important in other people’s lives. I wanted to leave something behind that will have either made a difference or just some kind of story that will leave people to remember me for a bit longer. A semi-permanent record of my existence. Nothing is permanent, so I’ll try to leave something that will last as long as it can. As for replaceable, those who have had us in their lives, can’t just simply replace you. Some may try to avoid the pain of knowing the fact you’re gone or just try to deny that they have had a loss in the group, but most, especially those who you’ve meant a lot to while being there (I’m not using the word death/living, because I believe this also applies to someone who’s simply just left) will not replace you. It’s impossible to replace you, because you are you and there is no one exactly like you. Friends can get new friends, Parents can have another child, Teams may get another member, but you aren’t replaced as a person.

I lose and get new friends constantly, and those I’ve lost I don’t see myself replacing them. I still remember them, and none of my newer friends are similar to the person that my previous friends were. For example, I had an amazing best friend in middle school who I would always talk to and ask for advice. She would also ask me for advice, although I wasn’t entirely sure if my advice was so helpful. What I’m trying to say is that people move on, yes, but they don’t “replace” you. I have a new best friend, but he is nothing like my previous and I’m glad, because I can remember the fun times and keep that person a fond memory. Loved ones will definitely not be able to replace you. If you were once married and you leave, your spouse can not replace you, because you were you. He/She may get another spouse, but it won’t be you. They won’t have the same type of experiences that he or she had with you. People will try to avoid the fact that they’ve lost someone by finding someone new, but they will never be able to accomplish actually replacing a person. That is because I personally believe it’s impossible. Others may disagree and say that finding some new counts as replacing them. Although, we have people with step-moms who never even acknowledge the fact that they are supposed to be a motherly figure. Even those that like their new step-mom and may even call them “Mom” still haven’t replaced the child’s mom. They replaced the position, but they didn’t replace the real mom. Who she was, what she did in her life, what she did for them and the experiences they had together. That can never be replaced.

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