A Snippet From a Book I’ll Probably Never Finish


High school was coming close to an end and for the first time that didn’t seem to bother me. Sure, there were so many things I wanted to accomplish that I wasn’t able to, but just because high school was nearing its finish didn’t mean that my chances to do what I wanted to were also ending. My path to normalcy didn’t have a deadline like I had previously been so worried about. Maybe I’ll never be normal. Who knows? I might end up living the rest of my life as a strange socially awkward person who can’t maintain any normal relationships with another human being, but at least I can continue my days with the knowledge that I can still try to change that. Sam hadn’t appeared in a while and I’m really getting used to the thought of not having her ever show up again. It’s a bit disheartening. I kind of missed her. I didn’t want to miss her and I certainly didn’t want for her come back because I took her hand and she led me to the deepest crevice of my depression, but if it hadn’t been for her I might have led myself there and my story could have had a vastly different ending. It wouldn’t be me telling my story if things had gone differently. For that, I owe her my life. I owe myself my life.

In My Head – Chapter __ (written 05/02/15)

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There are so many other posts I’ve been wanting to write for the past month or two. I have about 4-5 different drafts about half written out; one’s an opinion topic on how hostile discussing gender can be at times, one was a sort of farewell to an old friend to give them some sort

Dear Depression, I thought that you’d moved away a bit ago. Gone off on your own to see the world and left me in your dust. I was okay with that. I certainly didn’t expect to see you back so soon. Although I guess it is my fault for welcoming you back with open arms.

There is a time when we all fail, Some people take it pretty well, Some take it all out on themselves, Some they just take it out on friends, Oh everybody plays the game, And if you don’t you’re called insane, I didn’t know what to title this post, nor do I really know what