Saturday Morning, 3 AM


I can hear the soft breathing of the girl that I love,
As she lies here beside me asleep with the night,
Her hair like a mist as it floats on my pillow,
reflecting the glow of a winter moonlight.

But she knows and I know that I’ll never be,
as good as the ones who came before me

So I’ll play my guitar and I’ll gently weep,
Drowning in my man made sea.

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I don’t know what this post was going to originally be about. All I know is I started this “draft” a couple weeks ago with the hopes of writing something along the lines of growing up, or something similar to the song that inspired the title. Which has been a reoccurring theme at this point/almost

If anybody has been following along I think they would already know I have a difficult time letting go. I grow an unhealthy attachment to things and people that make me happy and I panic at even the thought of losing some of these things because honestly I think I’m afraid I’ll lose the happiness

I wish life never had to change. It seems naive and I know it’s wring but there’s too much that’s gone wrong in my life for me to easily welcome change. It started two years ago. That’s when it became unbearable. Two years since emotional abuse so bad the wounds still haven’t come close to