I was Never Better


The only happiness I feel anymore is when I’m stoned but afterwards I feel worse than I ever have and want to kill myself. I ride an intense high before sinking to rock bottom. No one knows I’m bad again, no one knows I’m doing worse than I was before. No one knows that I’m hurting more now than I ever was.

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I wanted to write something that didn’t have anything to do with my friends (former or current), at least not directly about them, since I have been doing that quite a bit.. so I thought I might try and delve further into my experiences with Sam. Sam, for those who don’t know is a name

With the invention of the internet we began getting an increase in the ability to express our opinions and beliefs more freely, more importantly without fear of reprimand because of the safety of being anonymous. Sure, not all people express their opinions anonymously (like me for example), but a lot do. I’m not only talking

A lot has transpired in the past year and I really wanted to be able to say that I’ve learned anything from of it, but I haven’t. I have seen myself time and time again repeating the same mistakes and sometimes with the same people even though I know I shouldn’t have this person in