Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyways.

There are so many opportunities that we have everyday to make someone feel good about themselves. There’s millions of ways to make a person smile. We all know it; we all know that so much as a smile or a “hello” could light up a person’s eyes and make their day. But for some reason we don’t do it. Whether it be shyness, anxieties, or pure lethargy, we pass up the chance to express our opinions despite knowing how positively it can affect another person.

Do it.

If you see a cute person on the bus, tell them they’re cute. If you like someone’s artwork, tell them how much you like it. Be fucking nice to people and offer your sincerity. Everybody knows that they would love it if someone approached them and told them “I really like your hair!” You don’t have to make up some lie just for the sake of saying something nice to someone, that’s not really the point. The point is if you see something in a person or about a person that you genuinely like, then express that feeling. Life is too short to skip the chance of making someone happy, and who knows? You might end up meeting some genuine people and in the end, all we’re going to have left are the memories we make.

Make some good memories.