I hate it,

His face,

His voice,

I hate that I still recognized him,

I hate that I let you use me,

Most of all I hate that I couldn’t say what I’ve been meaning to say after all these years,

I’m still the small girl I once was around you


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So, in case any of you guys have noticed I have recently modified the current form for writing blog posts which now includes a check mark to allow your post to not be tied with your username when reviewed and published to the site. However, to prevent any issues with bullying, spam, or anything else

This isn’t the fear like my irrational fear of jellyfish. When I say afraid, I mean the fear tied to my deepest insecurities. I feel like it would be so much easier if I just limited myself so people couldn’t hurt me, but I keep going out and asking for it. Maybe it’s because I

Most people confuse Social Anxiety with simply being Shy. This is quite irritating, because most people don’t quite comprehend the immense difference between the two. Being shy means you’re reluctant, or uncomfortable, with meeting new people and or going up in front of the class. However, social anxiety is something that is much more  challenging. It’s basically a