I hate it,

His face,

His voice,

I hate that I still recognized him,

I hate that I let you use me,

Most of all I hate that I couldn’t say what I’ve been meaning to say after all these years,

I’m still the small girl I once was around you


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I normally try to refrain from talking about specific events or people, but there’s something I really feel the need to talk about. People do bad things for whatever reason; they’re upset about something and they’re lashing out, they’re seeking attention, or sometimes people just get a big kick out of making other people miserable.

So I wanted to know exactly how much it would cost, per year, if you decided to live life the most expensive way possible. I’m talking about selecting the top most result when you filter your prices high to low every single time. This should be fun! Lets start with the very basic necessities: Water, Food, and

Edit: I had to revise this just a little bit because me getting upset while writing certainly influenced what I ended up talking about. For as long as I know I’ve been very attached to my routines. You get a sense of comfort when you know what you have to look forward to the next