Getting rid of your toxicisity

You make yourself toxic even in the end of it all it eats you or you go and like a song on house music and get loose. If you dont, like me (yes a toxic person) wants to change too! Yeah right?! Toxic people are always and will be…..yeah. You need to first understand that being a person that is in toxic will continue to be toxic. 

 Step one: Realize that toxic people are consuming.

When I was just out and free in the world with a companion, a rose fox(she deserves this name for sensitivity, and if she does read this) and I went about the world together fighting life’s throws. Deep down inside, I was a monster. I wanted to be 21 , drink smoke party, but never did I notice that the chirp i was before followed me as well. It grew to a point where I became the toxic person who would make you cry and bleed your eyes out saying “kill me lord, cuz i cant kill him” chaotic toxic. I got us kicked out, twice, and it was because of me and who i hanged out with when she wasn’t watching me. I never snuck out at night, but even then, i got caught, still being that stupid kid you have to give everything cuz you love. All of a sudden that kid wants to pick you up and play with you, and as a bird my thoughts are “AHHHHHHHHHHHH……..”*flys aways close by*. I still got punched and kicked and heard things that as bird, made me think. Any way fast forward to today. Ive, per-say have a bad rap sheet( one day ill try rapping about it), and well the fox kicked me out after I stupidly threatened to kill her. Yeah smart cookie in here saying that to a fox that is free willed and lacked self control, so i have/had/thought feels for the fox but I need to hurt for what i did and Im staying on my tree brach. I recently drank the good water and visited the foxes parents, passed out they came out once to scare me away, but the second time they scared me off, I got feelings of the foxes anger and left. 

I recently stoped hanging around people calling themself friends who would feed me “night-owl” pellets. Recently a new addition to the group has decided to target me for theft. I had the feeling that i was going to be drugged and taken advantage of……again…..



toxic people only want to consume and forget.

Solution: Admit you have a toxin, to anyone else that can help you remove the toxin.

end of chapter 1