Exit Through the Gift Shop

I wish just once that someone would be excited and involved in the decisions I make. When I say “I’m thinking of cutting my hair” I wish someone would just fucking pretend to act interested. Instead of saying, “Eh, if you don’t like it it’ll just grow back” or “just do whatever you think is right” I wish someone would ask me what styles I’m thinking of, I want to hear some actual feed back. You don’t have to be full on supportive, you can tell me that you like it the way it is, you can tell me you don’t want me to change it just give me fucking something.

I understand that I don’t need to seek validation from anyone in order to find happiness, that’s not what this is about. But isn’t it so nice? Don’t you love when someone is genuinely invested in the decisions you make? When someone offers an actual opinion and/or piece of advice instead of “I don’t really care, just do whatever you want.” It must be pretty fucking nice.