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He loved her. He really did. But there were times when he despised the way she would ignore what he was saying, and he sometimes hated the way she wasn’t direct about what she wanted. He wished she could just give him a straight answer and he hoped that she would say, “I love you too.” instead of, “You’re sweet”. He wanted her to be sincere and honest and candid, but in reality these were just excuses so he wouldn’t have to admit he loved her with his all. She was a troubled girl and he was afraid to have something to lose.

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With the invention of the internet we began getting an increase in the ability to express our opinions and beliefs more freely, more importantly without fear of reprimand because of the safety of being anonymous. Sure, not all people express their opinions anonymously (like me for example), but a lot do. I’m not only talking

I was a bit preemptive last time during my unpublished post. I did think things were getting better but perhaps I jumped the gun that time. Perhaps I was merely just distracting myself enough to think I was better, but with enough time I’m hoping things are going to be at least easier now. I

I hate the title of this post but I couldn’t think of a better one that describes what I was wanting to talk about in this post so I suppose it’ll have to stay. I just finished watching two shows and I got this weird feeling that I have, because I don’t know any other