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He loved her. He really did. But there were times when he despised the way she would ignore what he was saying, and he sometimes hated the way she wasn’t direct about what she wanted. He wished she could just give him a straight answer and he hoped that she would say, “I love you too.” instead of, “You’re sweet”. He wanted her to be sincere and honest and candid, but in reality these were just excuses so he wouldn’t have to admit he loved her with his all. She was a troubled girl and he was afraid to have something to lose.

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Dear Summer, Normally when talking about things that have happened between us I try and talk about it as objectively and as understanding as I can. You’re only human and I have made some pretty terrible mistakes as well. I’ve hurt people, people I didn’t intend on hurting but have hurt nonetheless. You, however, hurt

I want to talk about something that’s been bothering me for the past couple of days. If you don’t know, I’m planning on going into a career of Investment Banking. I always found finance to be very interesting, and I’ve been following it closely for nearly the past decade. But a couple days ago, I

Edit: I had to revise this just a little bit because me getting upset while writing certainly influenced what I ended up talking about. For as long as I know I’ve been very attached to my routines. You get a sense of comfort when you know what you have to look forward to the next