burns my throat

My head spins

Sun setting

He kisses me

No please

He’s on top of me

The T.V blaring

I can’t move

I can’t think

He shoved his tongue down my mouth

I pushed my head away

He didn’t stop

held my wrist together above my head

kissed down my neck to my chest

I wanted to speak

to move

I was frozen in place

his hands in my hair

to my body they move

lower and lower he goes

I let out a gasp

I push him off

I can’t let him do this


I knew him,

he wasn’t a stranger,

A best friend in fact,

now my worst nightmare,

I feel so weak,


how m I supposed to deal with this?

I can’t sleep right,

how do I breathe,

I can’t.

I can’t even breathe

He stole what once was beautiful

and turned it to darkness

now I’m not sure

Life will ever be the same

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