In order to find the right answers, you must first ask the right questions. At times we all wish there was some special potion that we can drink in order to clear the fog, and we’re always disappointed when we realize that will never happen. Sometimes the best solution is to just wait. Ride out the confusion and focus on the things you can control as opposed to struggling to find the answers. In our world, knowing why is obsolesced by asking why. Knowing facts makes you bright, but sometimes the most rewarding realizations lie in the dark. The ability to admit that you don’t know everything, but you’d like to know some of it.

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Once again I’m obsessed with a certain song and I’ve been replaying it over and over again. I tend to do that a lot. Whenever I hear a song when I’m feeling shitty or even a song that makes me feel even better when I’m already feeling pretty good that song sticks with me. I’m

Most people confuse Social Anxiety with simply being Shy. This is quite irritating, because most people don’t quite comprehend the immense difference between the two. Being shy means you’re reluctant, or uncomfortable, with meeting new people and or going up in front of the class. However, social anxiety is something that is much more  challenging. It’s basically a

Disclaimer: These are my inner most thoughts and feelings. I don’t know if I’m even comfortable sharing them. It’s painful keeping all this in and writing it out helps. Please don’t judge me for them. Did I ever stop loving her? I tried to. I thought I was past most of the hurt. I stopped